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How to pick a good electric nail drill (e-file)?

By Saron

How to pick an electric nail file?

Here is a checklist.

1. Power.

It has nothing to do with rotation speed. It is usually shown on an electric file or come together with technical documents. It is measured in Volts (not input power!) and should be more than 30 V. If you see that some electric file drill is 15 or 20 V, it simply won't take off the product appropriately.

2. Forward / reverse mode.

For manicures and refills, you will need to work forward and reverse. It allows you to work in different directions without holding your or your client's hand in a twisted position.

3. Speed

Speed should be at least 30 000 RPM. You will not work much at the top speed, but you need to have a powerful device. It is the same as driving a car. You usually don't move at a maximum speed. But you still have it in your vehicle, so you'll be able to drive up the hill.

4. Lightweight handpiece.

If it's too heavy, you won't work fast, and it won't feel comfortable. Hands and wrists will hurt after a long working day with such a handpiece.

5. Standard 3/32 Bits

The essential part. You will need plenty of different bits to work with. It's tough to find a good one of a «non-standard» size.

Using electric files in your work will help you to work better and faster.

I am using it for manicures, refills, product removal and even nail design sometimes.

Do you use the electric file in your work?

What e-file do you use, and are you happy with it?

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