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How To Choose An Electric Nail Drill E-File?

By Saron

An electric nail file is a must-have tool for every nail technician, especially those who value their time and effort.

How to choose a professional e-file?


One of the most critical factors to look for while choosing any nail machine is its vibration output. The lower is their vibration, the better will be your work time.

Rotations per minute If you plan to use a drill bit mainly on natural nails, a mode that should go up to 25000 RPMs is usually sufficient. However, if you plan to use it for acrylic nails or acrylic and natural nails, it should be 35000 RPMs. ⠀

Lightweight handpiece

If the handpiece is too heavy, you won’t work fast, and it will not feel comfortable. Hands and wrists will hurt after a long working day with such a handpiece.

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