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How To Choose A Good Electric Nail Drill | E-file

By Saron

Why do we have to use Nail Drill?

A must-have for manicure or pedicure. A Nail drill is a nail technicians’ best buddy. It is a manicuring device that is made with a handpiece and replaceable bits.

Using a nail drill allows one to create a perfect manicure comfortably and efficiently once the rotating bits are gently applied to the nails, including the sidewalls and cuticles.

Choose the proper nail drill for you

We usually choose nail drills per below checklist

1. Rotational speed

If you plan to use the drill mainly on natural nails, a model that goes up to 15,000 RPM is usually sufficient. However, if you plan to use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails, opt for a drill that can handle at least 25,000 RPM.

2. Bit heads

Nail drill bits come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits. There are different uses and purposes for every bit.

3. Lightweight handpiece

If it’s too heavy you won’t be able to work fast and it won’t feel comfortable. Hands and wrists will hurt after a long working day with such a handpiece.

4. Low noise, Low vibration, Low heat

Noise level, Vibration level, and Heat level, those factors will not only affect the use of feeling but also affect the accuracy of your work and the dills’ lifetime.

5. Rechargeable or not and 6. Forward / reverse mode

For manicures and refills, you will need to work forward and reverse. It allows you to work in different directions without holding your or your client's hand in a twisted position.

7. Motor Material

Nail drills can be used to shape and buff the nails. They can also be used to remove dead skins and cut cuticles, as well as remove calluses and ingrown nails.

You may also decide to buy an electric nail drill or a rechargeable one when choosing the best nail drill that you can use to do a perfect manicure for you.

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